About our company

We provide senior involvement and commitment to working with you/your operations at all levels.


We are not just passionate about delivering your business driven solution supported by BPM Technology, but everything else that goes beyond. We offer premium and customized services to help you support all of your internal customer needs.


The usability of our software ensures that CHANGE will happen. Our powerful technology makes changes easy and dynamic, streamlining complex processes and adapting to your business needs. Our work is never one and done.


We are fully engaged with connecting with our customers. We offer expertise essential to supporting their internal customers. Our culture makes it easy to connect with us and involve us in all of your business process challenges.


Conducting business ethically, co-creating value with our customers and striving to do the right thing are vital to the success of our company.


We provide an expert, senior-level approach to working with your operations at all levels. Through process driven projects and business driven support, we are fully engaged with all critical areas that require real change.
Our solutions provide a competitive TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) unmatched in the marketplace, as we manage the entire value chain in BPM.

We provide the best business solutions

Cignon provides BPM-based technology solutions and services to automate and optimize tasks that solve your business challenges — quickly and efficiently.



The LT (Leadership Team) draws on the experience from both key co-founders and ongoing, nurturing leaders from within the ranks. The LT is involved operationally in their respective areas, and it would not be uncommon for our key customers and partners to have direct project involvement with members of our LT. In fact, part of our value drivers to customers and partners is to SHARE EXPERIENCES in the co-creation of value.


With more than 15 years of management and leadership experience in the high-tech and enterprise industry (US, EMEA and ASIA), Neville holds an extensive background in Business Information and Process Management.

Neville Suzman

Global BPM

Leads Engineering and R&D at CIGNON, with more than 12 years of Software Architecture Design, Pedro is responsible for CIGNONs future technical landscape encompassing future software release roadmap and key integration technology partnerships.

Tiago Pereira

Global Technology R&D

Leads the development and execution of operational strategy across the organization. Encompassing operations and key cross functional positions, such as Global Helpdesk, Services and Resource management.

Luis Henriques

Global Operations

Responsible for driving global accounts through value creation with the CIGNON products, leading accounts, global projects with Corporate Customers. Paulo’s broad experience in leadership and operational expertise on building high-performing IT teams.

Paulo Antunes

Global Accounts Director