Certified Training

CIGNON Academy

Achieve greater ROI and accelerate the value of your BPM deployments with comprehensive, affordable business process management training.


CIGNON|Academy focuses on building BPM skills, helping organizational resources to improve productivity, and maximizing the value of your current BPM initiatives.




Training Path


  • Introductory – Covers application users and geared towards a general application user of CIGNON BPM. Allows candidates to understand all the fundamentals of CIGNON Flows Process Methodology. Targeted for candidates with little or no CIGNON Flows Experience.
  • Foundation – Geared towards power users and project leads, covers the full spectrum of the application functionality; Configuration Options, Process Type Definitions, Business Rules, User Management, and more.
  • Practitioner – This top level course has been engineered towards the certification of an implementation project, involving a project case examination. Candidates will be required to have completed foundation training and had experience in CIGNON Flows projects.



Additional Training Options


  • Instructor Led – Face-to-face training with seasoned professionals.
  • On-Site – Training at your location brings an entire department up-to-speed at minimal cost.
  • Custom – Our trainers work with you to tailor courses based on your specific requirements.
  • Workshops – Advanced training for BPM development and implementation methodology.