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Banking and Finance

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In the intense competition of today’s economy, it is essential for organizations to continually change and adapt. Our high-quality business process management software allows for complete flexibility. Our service optimizes workflow and processes, allowing operations to run smoothly while improving account handling, customer relations, auditing and budget planning.


  • Fund management
  • Account management and maintenance
  • Openings and cancellations
  • Customer onboarding and offboarding
  • Loan origination, requests
  • Account management, maintenance, openings and cancellations
  • Credit card automation, application processing, credit scoring and risk approval, financial screenings, credit card approvals, transactions
  • Loan requests, approvals and post approval activities for mortgage loans, personal loans, car loans and private enterprise loans
  • Services such as product consultations, promissory note guarantees, change of rates, ACH, fund and wire transfers
  • Insurance underwriting, collateral, titles, escrow services, leasing and financing
  • Operational risk managment, investigation of accounts, claims management, anti-money laundering compliance, audit management


  • Improved account handling
  • Increased productivity for employees
  • Greater visibility into the processes for stakeholders
  • Compliance with the many laws and regulations that governs financial markets
  • Error reduction and elimination for data input
  • Enhanced visibility of costs, revenues and margins
  • Increased customer satisfaction and faster respons