Cignon Solution by Industry

Healthcare and Hospitals

Care For Your Customers, and Your Processes

In present times, the Healthcare industry has suffered from lower levels of patient care, time and cost waste, and a general lack of consistency. With the introduction of Cignon´s BPM application, a Healthcare organization can improve the way they manage their internal processes and procedures, maximizing efficiency. Cignon´s BPM solution allows any organization to streamline process, reduce error and costs, and heighten the level of patient care services.


  • Increased patient care by reducing administrative workload
  • Increased productivity among hospital staff
  • Process verification for important procedures and checkpoints
  • Better visibility into processes for management and optimization
  • Speeding up the fulfillment of prescriptions
  • Improving HR and Admin connectability
  • Greater data accuracy
  • Improve the customer experience, checking in and checking out (ER to discharge)


  • Patient Scheduling
  • Nurse Placement
  • HIPAA Processes
  • eMedical Reports
  • FMLA Processes
  • Information Share Request Forms
  • Document Approvals
  • Product Change Processes