Healthcare Compliance Process

CIGNON BPM Solutions platform is a driver for organizational change allowing for an effective implementation of compliance processes.

Compliance Process Examples


  • Educational & Product training Events
  • Fee for Services (Speakers, General Consulting, R&D)
  • Educational Grants
  • Donations
  • Sponsorship
  • Exhibit Fees
  • HCP Travel & Hospitality ( Medical Congress )
  • Initiated Investigator Study
  • Company-Sponsored Study


Our processes embed all the required Business and Healthcare Compliance controls


Business and Healthcare Compliance Controls


  • Selection Criteria
  • Event/Program Assessment
  • Proper location/venues
  • Appropriate contract clauses by transaction type
  • Business Needs Assessment
  • Business justification & rationale
  • Evidence, Reconciliation and reporting
  • Capturing detail spend by HCP (Reporting / Transparency)
  • Fair Market Value validation


Key Features



Features to Manage


  • Complete administrative process to support interactions with HCPs HCOs
  • Review and Approval Workflows, System Notifications and Workload Management
  • Automate contracts and documents
  • Collection of Evidence
  • HCP/HCO Payments Approval and Reconciliation
  • Dashboards, Metrics and flexible custom reporting
  • Cross-border activities support
  • Fair Market value (FMV) Integrated Calculator




  • Pro-active monitoring, business alerts, escalations & extended audit trails
  • Interfacing/Integration with other strategic Company systems
  • Integrated Planning
  • Integrated toolkit for Exception management
  • Integrated Deviation reporting


Summary – Case Benefits


Given the complexity of regulation governing Healthcare Compliance and Transparency (EUCOMED, EFPIA, AdvaMed, and Others bodies), CIGNON ENSUREs Solution for Healthcare Compliance provides a «clear case» to help organizations overcome these pressures (Implementation of Compliance Programs) driving a reorganization of business processes.


The Challenges/Pressures


  • Demand more efficient use of Sales and Marketing & Compliance administrative resources
  • Need to leverage and improve existing business processes
  • Reduce workload and eliminate manual processes
  • Improve resource time, increase transparency and improve details on the interactions
  • Support for evidence of activity and process reconciliation